let's get

pak-ing, shall we?

PETITEPAKS consists of five universal product capsules. With its syringe-like design and precise tip, every drop product can be used while leftovers can be returned to its original container.

your hands carry on average 3,200 different germs

By using traditional travel jars, you may be contaminating your products, canceling out any benefits while causing  breakouts -- yikes!

Our capsules are airless and contactless, eliminating any need to dip your fingers directly thus keeping your clean beauty routine, well, clean.

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now boarding...

foundation, primer, creams, oils, lotions, cleansers, serums, gels, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner + more


clean beauty lives in here >


step 1

Twist silver base to unlock

Pull out our inner chamber

Pop off our white cap

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how to fill

first, pick your five favorite cream or liquid products to fill your capsules with.