can I fly with my PAK?

PETITEPAKS are the perfect travel-sized companions whether you're checking luggage or carrying-on. Carry-on travelers must follow TSA guidelines during the screening process.

how do I fill the capsules?

Follow the instruction card in your package or click here for a video tutorial.

how much does each capsule hold?

Each capsule can hold 5ml which falls within the TSA liquid limit. For a comparison, the average foundation bottle holds about 30ml of product.

how large is the case?

Our case measures 8" x 6" x 2"

my capsule leaked--what gives?!

+ Ensure your capsules are stored in their locked position while not in use. + Ensure the inner chamber is fully locked into the outer shell. Failure to create this lock may result in unwanted leaks! + Not the case? Contact us.

I cannot remove the inner chamber of the capsule to fill it

Your capsule might be in the locked position. When in the locked position, the capsule cannot be used. Ensure the capsule is in the unlocked position by twisting the silver base.

what material are PETITEPAK cases made from?

To keep eco-friendly and easy to clean, our cases are made from PU coated canvas.

what products can I PAK?

Pick your favorite creams, foundations and cleansers and we'll keep them airtight and secure on your way to your destination. Learn more.

tips + cleaning

using the heat-resistant mat

The underside of the silicone tray doubles as a heat-resistant mat for hair styling tools up to 425*F. Only use the tray as a heat-resistant mat when it is removed and separated from the case. PETITEPAKS is not responsible for any damage done to your case by heat or styling tools. Refunds or exchanges are not valid on heat-damaged cases.


Using soap (grease-fighting works best) and water, scrub the inside of your capsules with the provided brush. Show your case a little love by wiping it inside and out with a damp cloth. Avoid using any harsh cleaners or solvents.

while in transit

Always twist the capsules to the locked position when in transit to prevent leaks.


can I make a return?

Of course we want you to be happy! We accept return requests for PETITEPAKS that are unused within 14 days of the date you received them. Click here to start a return.

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