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how much does each vial hold and how big is the case?

Each vial can hold 5ml or .17oz. The case measures 8.5"w x 6"l x 1.25"h


can I fly with these?  

PETITEPAKS are the perfect travel-sized companions whether you're checking luggage or carrying-on. Carry-on travelers must follow TSA guidelines by placing vials in a quart-sized resealable bag along with all other liquids during the screening process.


how do I clean PETITEPAKS?

Wipe the outside of the case with a damp towel. Clean the vials with soapy water and the provided brush. For extreme clean, run the vials through your dishwasher in the silverware basket.


can I buy the vials by themselves?

Sorry, we currently do not sell them individually. 


can I return these?

We won't cry, we swear! PETITEPAKS are returnable within 14 days of receiving your order. View our full return policy.

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